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Spiritual food

What do you teach or feed your spirit with! Remember the spirit feeds and grows. Just like the natural body, for it to grow you need to eat and keep on heating and not just any food but a balanced diet. Several sickness are as a result of what we feed on. be it cancer, diabetes name them. The spiritual man is as he is dependent on the food you feed him on. God said, man will not live by bread alone but by every word that precedes form the mouth of God. This actually tells us that the word of God is more essential for living than the food we heat. If the spirit man is strong the physical man is even stronger. This is so because the Spiritual man is active in articulating the will of God which is evident in the physical. Be it, wisdom in decision making, express of Love hence keeping relationships together,business growth due to clear ideas born of God and many more that complete he human circles. Choose today to grow and grow through the word of God and prayer for this is the true food that gives life now and eternally.
Let your spirit know what God has said about you, remind your spirit every moment the truth that God has spoken and this is the power that lives in you that will do exceedingly, abundantly above all you can ask or imagine.It’s all within you.

Bro. Blezzd Son Godfrey

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