What To Expect

We are so glad that you are considering joining us this week for worship!  Here are a few things that you can expect when you arrive on our church campus.


  • We are located along mwende street, Adjacent to Moha Garage, Eastleigh Section 3, Nairobi- Kenya.  We are about 200 meters from Kamos Stage (Vehicle no. 4).
  • If you would like to find us with your GPS, Use (Mwende St, Nairobi, Kenya) .


  • When you arrive on our church compound, our normal parking lot is on the south side of our buildings.
  • If you have physical limitations and need help getting into our Sanctuary, please pull around to the front of the Sanctuary.  Our Ushers will be ready to help you get out of your vehicle and into the building.
  • If you are an expecting mother, we have multiple spots that are reserved for you close to our Nursery & Preschool building.


  • If you have a small child, you will be directed by our ushers to our Nursery & Preschool building .
  • If you have a child in middle school, or high school, those ministries meet in the building next to Sunday school classes.  
  • Our adult ministries meet in one location .  When you arrive, someone from our Welcome Team will be glad to help you find your way!
  • We gather for worship in our Sanctuary, which is in the center of our church compound .
  • Each service will last about Three hour.
  • We begin and end each service singing songs about how great our God is.
  • Since God’s word is central to everything we do, you will hear a challenging message from God’s word every week.
  • We believe that prayer is important, and will have times of prayer in each service.
  • We collect an offering during each service to give people an opportunity to support the church. But, you can also give online HERE.
  • If you come to our Bible study service at 8:00 AM, We engage on a topic which guides us on bible study.
  • If you come to our main service at 10:00 AM, We have much of praise and worship and sermons!
  • After the Sunday school service is over, they are served with food for lunch.