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Adopting Technology For Effective Ministry.

Technology is is the collection of techniques, skills, methods and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation.

The effectiveness of anything be it preaching the gospel requires collection of techniques,skills methods and processes. Therefore, It is much in order to say some expectations that the church has today may never be met until we have a turn over of events by the adoption of technology. In the early 1900s, the Gospel of Christ reached the world quicker than in any other era, when the preachers of the time adopted media (radio station and Televisions) in reaching out and creating awareness.
Am sorry to say but i have too, that most of the Christians have turned religious such that whenever there raises on man in the church who stands out in adoption of the technology, they are said to be proud. Its even funny to hear some say, God is so Great to be advertise in a media platform. And my question always is, why did Christ give us a commission! certainly it was for us to reach-out. The technological growth today shows us how fast we can reach out the would through the social media and other media platforms that has come up in the world.

Check out the social media today. It is unfortunate that Christians waste more time inflicting fear on others of how the so call ILLUMINATI is using the social media like Facebook to recruit people. And the question should always be. Can we use the same media to bring people to God’s Kingdom!

The secular world has grown more and affected the moral life of the generation herein due to its quick adoption of technology. The likes of YouTube has the largest quantity that is more of the secular world than it is for the Christian Society. How then will our children not be drawn away from the truth if we don’t make the truth available. The information that we keep for ourselves, our children can find it else where and even in more details ( that in terms of the overall life of a normal human).

My plea to the servants of God and the christian community at large is. Lets not only focus on building big temples where we can have a tangible audience but also focus in those that are dependent on the media to learn about Christ. Come up with blogs, YouTube channels, Facebook pages, twitter, telegram etc and dominate the world as you preach Christ to all men. All tools have been availed, stop complaining and use the resources.

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